with phyto-tissular extracts Revitalize - rejuvenate - boost All skin types

For exponential results as an intensive cure: - After cleansing and toning, use both concentrates together in the p.m : apply first 3-4 pumps of Mesonium 2 over face, neck and decollete. Superimpose 2-3 pumps of Mesonium 1. For regular use: - use Mesonium 1 sparingly in the a.m. and p.m, alone or mixed with a cream. - use Mesonium 2 generously in the a.m. and p.m. under a cream. -- Active ingredients: soybean, beech buds (rich in essential amino-acids) and the 5 Quintessence E.O. -- - Mesonium 1: corn, sunflower and soy oils, vitamins E and F - Mesonium 2: cabagine and mineral salts. -- This product consists of two synergetic concentrates. Its exceptional concentration of essential all-plant amino-acids creates an explosion of rejuvenating activity deep into the skin. - Mesonium 1: an oily bi-phasic formula. - Mesonium 2: an aqueous formula.

Combats free radicals that are greatly responsible for the ageing process, helps dramatically reduce wrinkles and fine lines, works to restore a healthy balance to even the driest skin and reinforces natural defense mechanisms, awakens the natural strength, vitality and youthfulness of all aggressed skin i.e. fatigue, after sun exposure…, utmost beauty treatment pre and post surgery to maximize the skin recovery, guides the skin towards a finer, more youthful appearance.


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