Cellex-C products may be the first Cosmaceutical to have a profound effect on the way the skin visibly ages. The purpose of Cellex-C products is to help produce optimal conditions to assist the skin in appearing smoother, and much less lined. Cellex-C contains L- Ascorbic acid as its primary ingredient. This particular form of Vitamin C was chosen because it is based on the long established Medical knowledge that L- Ascorbic Acid is the only form of Vitamin C that the body can recognize and utilize to stimulate collagen synthesis.

The Scientific basis for the potency of Cellex- C, is that, unlike other Vitamin C Skin Care products, only Cellex-C contains Zinc and tyrosine along with a pure, bio available form of Vitamin C. Until now, the technology has not existed to allow a stabilized form of Vitamin C to penetrate the skin, making Cellex-C truly unique in the formulation of anti-aging. products.

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