Click to enlargeCellex-C Sensitive Skin Serum 2-Step Kit

Cellex-C Sensitive Skin Serum 2-Step Kit

Antiaging reduction kit designed for sensitive skin.

The 15ml Serum For Sensitive Skin and 15ml Hydra 5 B-Complex are in this 2 step kit.

The Serum For Sensitive Skin is designed to accommodate the needs of highly sensitive skin types. This oil-free liquid dramatically reduces the effects of photo-aging; the primary cause of wrinkles and prematurely aged skin without the sensitivity and reaction sometimes associated with high levels of ascorbic acid. The appearance of lines will visibly diminish and your skin will feel smoother and firmer, within 8-12 weeks of use, your skin will begin to feel young again.

Hydra 5 B-Complex is an oil-free, crystal clear gel that instantly helps give your skin a silky smooth texture. The unique formulation helps draw the nutrients in Cellex-C Complex further into your skin and maximize the benifits of any water-based moisturizer.

Available sizes:

  • 2-0.5oz

Cellex-C Sensitive Skin Serum 2-Step Kit SSK-CC-510$75.00Select: 

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