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Cellex-C Body Sheen & Toning Gel

Specifically designed to give you better looking and better lasting skin- over your entire body. Body Sheen and Toning Gel creates an immediate visual impact- a lustrous, toned finish that leaves arms and legs wonderfully smooth and silky. The effect lasts for as long as 8 hours. The honey colored gel is applied evenly over the shoulders, legs, arms and back (not the face) much like a suntan lotion. One bottle should last 4 to 6 weeks with regular use.

The key feature is the luminescent, visco-elastic film that the gel creates over the skin. It is this subtle film that radiates the soft, youthful looking sheen that makes this product so special. The film also adds a supportive tension to the skin that significantly improves surface smoothness and resiliance. Your legs will feel as though you are wearing silk stockings. (Please note that if your skin is very dry, it may take several applications before the sheen is noticeable.)

In addition, the nutrients of Body Sheen and Toning Gel ingredients formula have a powerful accumulative effect that, with daily use, will consistently enhance skin moisturization levels and reduce many of the visible signs of aging skin. This is a product that is particularly suited to life in a sunny climate. It has an excellent effect applied over a sun tan (or self-tan).

Available sizes:

  • 8oz

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