Click to enlargeCellex-C Speed Peel & Polish Gel

Cellex-C Speed Peel & Polish Gel

Designed to provide fast, face and full-body exfoliation of superficial skin calls. Used as a target treatment it provides instant, visible results on any area of problem skin. It is especially helpful to the exposed surfaces of the body- the back of your hands, your heels, shins, and the tops of your feet. When the peach colored gel is applied on dull devitalized skin surfaces, the rough dry skin layers can be easily rubbed off with a light stroking of your fingers and palms of your hand. At the same time, the humectant and skin conditioning elements of the formula gives the new skin surface a smooth radiant texture.

Speed Peel and Polish Gel is one of the few products on the market powerful enough to achieve such a thorough exfoliation. Its an excellent help for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. And its a perfect skin prep for sunless tanners to achieve a smooth, even natural-looking tan.

Available sizes:

  • 8oz

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